First update of the year: Pipvid v2021.1

January 2021

This is the first update to be released in 2021 🥳! It resolves a few bugs on macOS Big Sur and adds native support for Apple Silicon.


  • Native support for Apple Silicon.


  • Restored assign to all desktops. (macOS Big Sur)
  • Restored native PiP toggling with QuickTime. (macOS Big Sur)
  • Native PiP-agent monitoring properly toggles on and off with Pipvid.

Carbonize is now Petrify and works completely offline

December 2020

Version 2020.5 is the biggest update to Carbonize Petrify since it launched! With the new name comes an editor that works completely offline.


  • Carbonize is now Petrify.
  • The editor works completely offline.
  • The design of the editor better fits the application window.

Note: if you want to migrate your settings and themes to the updated editor, use the Migrator in Preferences.


  • A migrator to move settings and themes from the previous, online editor over to the new offline version.


  • Unsplash background images. The updated, offline editor currently does not support automatic images through Unsplash.
  • Adding a background image through a link.

Carbonize v2020.4 is out now

September 2020

Carbonize v2020.3 is out now

September 2020

Get Carbonize and 190+ other great apps for just $9.99/mo

September 2020

The app icon of Carbonize and Setapp's logo together

I’m proud and excited to announce that Carbonize is now available through Setapp! 🥳

Setapp is an award winning service that offers unlimited access to a curated list of 170+ high quality Mac apps for just $9.99 a month. You can use tools like my own Timeless, Bartender, CleanMyMac, Dropzone, iStat Menus, IconJar, Ulysses and many more with one easy subscription.

If you’re a designer, programmer or another type of professional, you’ll appreciate the convenience and power that comes with having access to such a wide range of software.

I’ve been a longtime fan of Setapp and its collection of Mac gems 💎. It’s a great way to use Carbonize and adds another path besides the Mac App Store version through which you can generate images from your code snippets.