I’m proud of all the apps that I’ve released. Some remain relevant longer than others. The apps below have all been useful and successful at some point, but were made obsolete and have thus been discontinued.

AirTube app icon


Web Videos on your Apple TV, hassle free

Stream YouTube, Vimeo, TED and quite a few other Web Videos to your Apple TV. Straight from your Mac's browser; no iPad, iPhone or Jailbreak required.

Discontinued macOS Video AirPlay

AirVLC app icon


AirPlay Audio Sync for VLC

Watch videos in VLC on your Mac and play the audio over AirPlay. All in sync.

Discontinued macOS Video VLC

coucou app icon


Your whole network at your finger tips

With coucou you have every device on your network at your finger tips.

Discontinued macOS Networking

Pipvid app icon


Snaps videos to any corner

Pipvid added a picture-in-picture mode to VLC and QuickTime. Ideal for watching videos in the corner of your screen while working other stuff.

macOS Video QuickTime VLC Discontinued

Porthole app icon


AirPlay all audio to multiple speakers

Play all audio from your Mac through multiple AirPlay speakers at the same time.

Discontinued macOS Audio Spotify

Reign app icon


The Supreme Remote for Spotify

The Spotify remote for friends, colleagues, housemates and yourself that works in any browser.

Discontinued macOS Audio Spotify

Tapetrap app icon


The most comfortable way to watch online videos

If you’re anything like me, you watch online videos on dozens of different websites. I want to keep up with new content and easily browse clips from any site with a feed.

Discontinued macOS Video

Timeless app icon


Stay focused and reduce time anxiety

Timeless was a subtle clock replacement. It helped you feel less anxious about the time and more focused on how you should be spending it.

macOS Productivity Discontinued

Toggluv app icon


The smoothest way to log hours in Toggl

Toggluv is built for speed. Log your hours to Toggl and get on with your work. Currently in beta and available for preview.

Discontinued macOS Productivity